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What is The Legend Program Show?

On most TV talent shows, it's the jury that decides whether a contestant continues, it's the audience that can change their fate. But what if we gave the power to the contestants so that they can write their own destinies? This show takes the best of the best and gives them a chance to showcase their musical talent and their character.

The Legend is the only talent show format where the contestants decide their destinies. Everyone has a chance, but only one will win. We don’t just look for a great singer, we will create The Legend!

On the show, contestants sing their hearts out. But only the top two rated contestants in each episode will carry on to the semi-finals. They have up to three chances to prove to the audience and the jury that they have what it takes to be a music icon.
The international program shows The legend's studio is being implemented by Sahi Group.

Sahi Group build the biggest Studio In Iraq

The worldwide program showcase Sahi Group is putting the legend's studio into practice.
With over 3000 participants, The Legend is the largest competition program ever produced by AVA Entertainment in Iraq. AVA Entertainment put its trust in Sahi Group to set up new studios, construct systems, and maintain them in compliance with international standards.
More than a 100M square LED screen-2.6P and contemporary LED were used by Sahi Group to decorate the studio.