Terms of Service

Sahi company was formed in 2004. In the begining our main business was broadcasting equipment. Today we are able to offer a wide range of services based on vast knowledge and an extensive list of high caliber partners. We always make an effort to create long-term relationships with both our partners and customers. Sahi Company is always open for new ways of doing business.

Today we combine our vast knowledge with high competence within new technology and see to that people and companies have access to all, regardless of time and place. We are used to work in different cooperation forms and we adjust to the situations and the needs of our customers. We always present to our customers several alternatives so that the ideal approach for the situation is chosen. If we do not believe we can perform the project to 100% we do not accept performing it.

For each project we compose a team of specialists and we see to that every single part of the whole is executed with finesse and great knowledge. We at Sahi Company take responsibility for the whole to function perfectly.

The confidence we have received from our customers over the years has proven our ability to perform our work in a successful way. We always strive to give our customers satisfaction, quality and delivery safety.

Our goals
We are always looking for long-term partnership and we always do our best to supply our customers with information on the latest news and to keep them up to date. One of our main goals is to be hungry for knowledge and to keep up with the continuous advancements done in the field of our services. Thus we believe we can give you the right information and the best solutions in the field.

It is always a challenge to make every piece of a broadcast project to function correctly and desirably. The different parts to consider are many and complex. We at Sahi Company have made it our mission to supply our customers with the best possible options to fulfill their dreams of an up to date system. Our main goal is to present to our customers the best available techniques and to supply them according to their wishes.